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bowen_btpa_memberWelcome to Wirral Bowen Therapy website.

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Symptoms Reported to Respond

to the

Bowen Technique


Back – Neck Pain – Sciatica – Whiplash – Knee –
Ankle – Foot Problems

Sports Injuries AND Maintenance

Repetitive Strain Injury – Frozen Shoulder
Tennis Elbow

Hayfever – Asthma – Bronchial Complaints

Indigestion – Crohn’s – Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Bladder Control

Pregnancy – Mother and Baby – Infant Colic

Fertility – Pre-Menstrual Tension – Tilted Pelvis

Sleep Problems – Stress Management

Stroke – Cancer – Blood Pressure – Arthritis

Health Maintenance

“ Quite simply one of the most straight-forward and effective’ hands-on’ therapies available”

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or other suitably qualified medical professional

who should be contacted for advice

if you have any health concern.

Holistic Therapies Training – Greenhouse Therapies, Chester