Clients Comments on Bowen Therapy

“Hi Nicholas, thank you for your e-mail, the problem I came to see you with has been good, touch wood”
– Walked in on two sticks and out with none.

“Nick. Bowen Therapy you treated me with worked a treat. Thank you so much” –
Right arm in extreme pain and could only be moved with the left. Arrived in arm sling and left without.
Full movement achieved after three sessions.
“Feel balanced and hinged!!! Thank you”
– Maintenance session
“I don’t know what you – £$%^*&$ – well did but it worked”
– Long term shoulder pain and restriction in movement.
“I feel like a new woman”
– Severe hayfever suffer unable to go out during summer and had to hire a dog walker, can now sit in her garden without problem.
Hi Nick,
I just wanted to let you know that I have had no pain in my shoulders  since I came to you. The treatment is so subtle yet has had such an  amazing outcome. Even through the rigours of a 3 hour tango class my  shoulders remain pain free! I’m so glad I tried this therapy and hope  that many others come to see you and try it too. My very grateful thanks  to you.
Best wishes
“Thank you Nicholas for the treatments you gave me, they did help a lot”
– Sciatic pain
I had a three week course with Nicholas and found it a  great help I walked in on two sticks and walked out after three weeks  with none. I found it a great comfort to my whole-self I felt more alive  and in control of myself. I would recommend it to anyone as it is a new  way of life – DP
“of the thousands of conventional medical treatments reviewed only 15% have been shown to be of proven benefit.”
“A recent study of 1,130 people receiving Bowen showed that 93% of them reported benefit.”
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