My Story

NJTImageIt took nearly a year for various specialists to decide that I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Post Viral Syndrome/ME. I spent almost eighteen months sitting in a chair unable to read and found television exhausting and annoying, so didn’t bother with that either. I was in a constant brain fog and on four different painkillers four times a day, but was still in perpetual pain. I was averaging about two hours sleep a night.

A friend of my daughters suggested I visit a Bowen Therapist. Nothing else was working so why not give it a try?

After the first session I had my first full night’s sleep in eighteen months. I continued with weekly sessions for about two months. By the end of which I had taken myself off all medication. I eventually cut down the treatments gradually to one every six weeks – the maximum time before things seemed to start going backwards.

I was so impressed my therapist suggested I take a course in “The Bowen Technique”. I was still extremely tired and thought it would be useful to have something I could practice from home to pace myself. At that time I still had very poor balance and needed a walking stick to get around on. Half way through the course our Tutor showed us a new move, using me as a guinea pig. It was like magic. I immediately regained my balance and have not needed the stick since. I qualified in December 2013 and still go to see a Bowen Therapist about every two months for maintenance treatments.